Flora & Fauna Cake

where fresh, edible florals & cute fauna toppers sit prettily on top of a delectable cake garden

“A garden to walk in & immensity to dream in – what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet & above him the stars.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

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Throwback to Easter & my Thumper cake! 🌿🌾🌸🐇 He’s 3 kinds of upside-down cake: blueberry, strawberry, & plum + pear. Made with yogurt & honey, frosted with earl grey-scented buttercream, & topped with fresh blooms, sparkly rabbit ears & that cute bunny with a bow!

Unicorn cake

if i can’t be a unicorn, i’m gonna eat one

Unicorn cake 2

yes, it’s delicious & tastes of rainbows!

Cake &amp; Wildflour | Easter Woodland1

an Easter woodland cake | full of Springtime florals, gilded chocolate & Easter creatures 🐇🐰🌾🌸 chocolate mocha + cinnamon cake, filled with hazelnuts & creme eggs

Cake &amp; Wildflour | Easter Woodland2Cake &amp; Wildflour | Easter Woodland3

cake & wildflour | flora & fauna cakecake & wildflour | flora & fauna cakecake & wildflour | flora & fauna cake

a uniquely hand-styled cake with fresh, edible flower blooms & petals, a decadent drip, candy crown & other special customizable embellishments

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